A Sneak Peak into Hubspot's 2024 Product Updates!

February 06, 2024

Welcome to our latest blog article series where we bring you the most recent updates from HubSpot in 2024! 

In this edition, we'll delve into the exciting new features and improvements rolled out for HubSpot CRM, designed to streamline your workflows, enhance data integrity, and empower your marketing and sales teams like never before.

Let's dive in and explore these updates together!


  • Conditional Property Options for HubSpot-defined Properties


HubSpot now introduces Conditional Property Options, allowing users to define property options that dynamically adjust based on selected values within the CRM. This functionality extends beyond custom enumeration properties to certain HubSpot-defined default properties, enhancing flexibility and control in data management.

This feature significantly improves the data-entry experience by presenting users with relevant property options based on contextual criteria. Admins can ensure data quality by preventing the selection of mismatched options, thereby maintaining accuracy and consistency across records.


conditional property

Accessible through "Property Settings" > "Edit property," users can set conditional property options to streamline data selection processes. For instance, if the "Deal Pipeline" is designated as "Sales Pipeline," the options available for "Deal Type" will dynamically adjust to display only relevant choices, such as "New Business."

Default properties now supporting Conditional Property Options:

i. COMPANY: Type, Ideal Customer Profile Tier, Lead Status, Industry

ii. CONTACT: Buying Role, Legal basis for processing contact's data, Lead Status, Buying Role, Number of Employees

iii. DEAL: Forecast category, Deal Type, Forecast category

iv. TICKET: Category, Source, Resolution


  • Deal Pipeline Rules

A new Hubspot feature has been introduced allowing users to establish and regulate rules within their deal pipelines. This functionality enhances the management of pipeline controls and safeguards the integrity of data.

The newly implemented pipeline rules encompass the following:

Creation Limitation: Users can confine the creation of new deals to a single deal stage. Once activated, all newly generated deals will exclusively populate the designated deal stage.

Stage Progression Enforcement: Enabling this rule mandates that each deal progresses through every deal stage sequentially within the pipeline. Notably, deals can still be directly transitioned to the "Closed lost" stage.

Backward Movement Restriction: This rule prevents deals from regressing to previous stages once advanced.


Moreover, the existing capability to restrict editing access based on deal stages has been relocated to the "Pipeline Rules" tab on the "Pipeline Settings" page.


deal value

The significance of these rules lies in administrators' ability to exert precise control over their pipelines, leading to enhanced reporting, stage-driven workflows, and, most significantly, ensuring data integrity.

For further information on how to utilize this feature, users are directed to consult the Knowledge Base.


  • Linkedin Audience Targeting for Organic Social

This new feature is empowering marketers with enhanced audience targeting capabilities on LinkedIn for organic social media posts.

This feature enables marketers to tailor content specifically to targeted audiences. Posts can be customized based on various criteria derived from your followers' profile data, including organization size, industry, function, seniority, geography, and language preference.

Targeted posts are exclusively showcased to members who meet the specified criteria. However, if a post is shared or reposted, it becomes visible to members outside the target audience.

In today's saturated social media landscape, personalised and targeted content is essential for businesses to maintain relevance and effectiveness in their social media presence. This feature ensures that social content resonates with specific segments of followers, thereby enhancing engagement and impact.


To target a LinkedIn post:

  • Access your HubSpot account and navigate to Marketing > Social.
  • Click on "Create social post" in the upper right corner.
  • Select the LinkedIn accounts you wish to post to from the dropdown menu.
  • Input your post description and content.
  • Utilize the "Target Audience" option to segment your post based on Language, Job Function, Location, University, Company Size, Seniority, and Industry.

Targeting considerations:

  • LinkedIn requires your page to have a minimum of 300 followers to enable targeting.
  • If you have fewer than 300 followers in a targeted demographic, the estimated target follower audience will be displayed as 0 due to API limitations.
  • For demographics with over 300 followers, the exact number will be reflected.


  • Enroll contacts into a sequence from a company or deal on the HubSpot Mobile App [iOS and Android]


enroll contacts

You can now conveniently enrol contacts into sequences directly from the company or deal record within the HubSpot Mobile App.

Not all interactions stem from individual contacts. For instance, in Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies, the focus often lies on companies. Alternatively, sales representatives may primarily engage with deals, centralizing customer communication within deal records.

Previously, users had to locate the appropriate company or deal, navigate to associations, tap on the contact, and then proceed with engagement. This update eliminates these extra steps, streamlining sequence enrollment and meeting users where they conduct their work.

How does it work?

After updating your HubSpot Mobile App to the latest version, simply navigate to the desired company or deal record. Within the record, locate the Sequences button.

Tapping on this button enables you to select any associated contact linked to the company or deal. From this interface, you can seamlessly enroll contacts into sequences or check their enrollment status, ensuring a smooth workflow (e.g., identifying if they are currently enrolled, if any emails are missing, etc.).

  • Introducing the Social Composer Draft Experience

social composer draft

Now, marketers can expedite social post creation with the introduction of the draft option on both iOS and Android platforms. With this latest feature, crafting content across all social networks simultaneously has become a reality.

Previously, social media content creators encountered challenges in generating content for multiple networks via mobile devices. With the advent of the draft feature, you can now:

Expedite the creation and editing of posts across all your networks, including specifying publish times and campaigns.

Easily access both existing and new features for social post creation, conveniently accessible within HubSpot's mobile interface.

Seamlessly adapt to mobile content creation, as the new experience aligns with familiar patterns and user interfaces found in other content creation tools within the HubSpot ecosystem and desktop Social.

The new Draft composer simplifies the process of creating new posts across various networks and accounts.

To initiate a new social post:

  • Navigate to Marketing > Social within your HubSpot Mobile App (available on Android and iOS).
  • Select the Social Post option from the floating navigation menu.
  • Choose the desired accounts to which you wish to post from the modal displaying all your connected accounts.
  • The "Draft" composer will appear. Any content created under "Draft" will be automatically replicated across all selected social network accounts.
  • Enter your desired content for the social posts in the text box, including emojis, company mentions, and hashtags.
  • Utilize the "Add Media" option to attach images and/or videos to your post.


For scheduling a post:

  • Opt for "Publish now" to immediately publish the social post(s).
  • Select "Schedule" to set a future date and time for publishing the social post(s).

To associate a campaign:

  • Choose from the dropdown menu to include a HubSpot Campaign linked with your social post(s).
  • For reviewing posts before publication, navigate to the Review Tab:


Here, you can thoroughly review the content of each post.

Upon updating to the latest version of the iOS and Android App, Marketing Pro and Marketing Enterprise users will gain access to this feature under the Social Marketing Menu.

  • Associated deal value: A new metric rolling out for Marketers


In an effort to furnish Marketing Pro customers with deeper insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns in driving revenue, we are introducing a new metric known as 'Associated Deal Value'. This metric aggregates the total value of deals that have been successfully closed and are associated with a specific campaign.

Since October 2023, HubSpot has been progressively enhancing its data analytics capabilities for Marketing Pro customers, particularly through the introduction of the 'Revenue' data section within the campaign 'Performance' tab. This section initially included metrics such as Revenue, Deals with Revenue, and Contacts with Revenue. With the addition of the associated deal value metric, users gain further understanding of the overall revenue generated from their campaigns.


In summary, the updated card now provides the following insights:

Associated Deal Value: Represents the total value of deals associated with contacts who engaged with the campaign or asset.

Revenue: Indicates the contribution of the campaign or asset to the total deal revenue, with credit evenly distributed across all touchpoints associated with closed-won deals.

Deals: Reflects the number of closed-won deals linked to contacts who engaged with the campaign or asset.

Contacts with Revenue: Shows the count of contacts who engaged with the campaign or asset and subsequently contributed to revenue generation.

How does it work?

To access the Associated Deal Value metric, Marketing Pro users can navigate to any Performance tab supporting the Revenue card within their portal. This metric is available in various Marketing Hub apps, including Blog Post, Campaigns, Marketing Email, Landing Page, and Website Page.



Suha Saeed

Written by Suha Saeed

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