How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

October 23, 2016


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Now that you have set up a consolidated platform for monitoring your social media presence, you can implement a new habit of opening your social networks and checking your emails first thing in the morning to find relevant information.

4 minutes
Check for Twitter chatter about your company and its competitors. You can do this through TweetDeck, Social Inbox, or through bookmarked or saved streams on

2 minutes
Log in to Facebook to scan for comments, private messages, and reviews. Keep your company’s Facebook page bookmarked in your web browser and stay logged in to your account to save time.

2 minutes
Read your LinkedIn group digest and scan your Company Page for new comments.

2 minutes
Check your email for Google Alerts for brand mentions and industry-related content via Quora, Google+, blogs, or other sources and publications.

Got 5 More Minutes? What’s Next?
By integrating this 10-minute plan into your schedule, you will have a very solid understanding of the social media conversations and content that is relevant to you and your business online. The next step, of course, is reacting! From here, perhaps you could add some items to your to-do list that spawn from what you may have read during the monitoring process.

Maybe today you noticed that a great question was asked in a LinkedIn group, you have a response that could be valuable, and you want to make sure you answer;

Maybe you took notice of a relevant blog article, and you decided you should comment on it during lunch;

Did someone tweet a positive testimonial about your company on Twitter? Make a note to favorite it!

Since you have already created a solid plan for staying aware of activity occurring in social media that’s important to your business, you can choose to take an extra five minutes to prioritize the best content and react. You’ve now created a bridge between listening and engaging.

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Asif Ahmed

Written by Asif Ahmed

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